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Everyone Loves A Baby!

Yesterday we were nearby as this beautiful boy took his first breath of life. What a beautiful thing! But the poor thing – as is apparently ranching law, it seems calves are always born in the worst weather. I’m sure he (like us) can’t wait to finally see the sunshine!

Welcome to the ranch, handsome.

Shall We Name Him ‘Valentino’?

I’d like to introduce you to our newest member of Taylor-Made Ranch. He’s so handsome and I love the pigment around each eye – something we always try to breed for. Shall we name this beautiful boy, Valentino?

This newborn phase is my favorite. Of course we like to see each of our new calves take their first breath of life. Is there anything more precious? And once he gets cleaned up & has a nice warm meal he lays down to rest. I get a chance to introduce myself.

He knows RancherMan & I will be good stewards and that we’ll do all we can to give him a healthy start.

Welcome to the ranch, big boy!




King of the Castle…errrr Pasture!

We’re in love with our young herd bull. At just 3 years old he stands out in the pasture, surveying all he owns…

TMR Simply Perfect - Registered Polled Hereford Bull from Taylor-Made Ranch, LLC

He’s the A.I. result of our most productive registered polled hereford cow and his calving-ease A.I. sire Perfect Timing. And he’s sure making some beautiful calves for us!

As a matter of fact we’ll be keeping quite a few of his heifers, so we’ll be listing this gorgeous boy for sale soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page and the Cattle For Sale tab on our Website for updates!

Heifer Places 5th In Williamson County Youth Expo

Last year a bright young woman came to our ranch to purchase a show heifer. She chose heifer #299-4, but Katie named her “Ms. Ellie“.

Recently Katie sent word that Ms. Ellie placed fifth in the Williamson County Youth Expo. Congrats! It takes much effort for these young people to get a calf ready for show and Katie’s done an awesome job.

Says Katie, “The judge said she had the best femininity of the class, and a good frame. She was very calm and easy to handle and we can’t await to show her again!”

A job well done, Katie. Your hard work is certainly evident.

Join us in congratulating Katie & Ms Ellie.

Good Job!!



Keeping Track Of Individual Cattle

by TMRHerefords

When it’s time for a cow to calve they’ll often pull away from the herd & go off by themselves to give birth. So when we’re out standing in the middle of the herd doing a head count and one’s missing we have to wonder – is it just one of the smaller calves? Maybe it’s a cow laying just around the corner? Or is it the cow we’re watching and waiting to calve?

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We’ve found an easy way to keep tabs on individual cows. While these particular animals were in the chute for working we used a *Weather-Resistant Livestock Marker & marked the last 2 numbers of their ID ear tags on either side of their rump and up at their shoulders too. We marked the pending new mama cows in bright yellow, and the ones we drew blood from to send off to PG test we marked in bright pink.

Now if we’re missing a cow we can quickly locate the few that are awaiting calving to see if one of them is missing. And if the bull is following a cow we can tell at a distance if it’s one we tested that came back open (or even if their results came back bred) Those notes are then transferred to our cattle records so we’ll have a better idea of when to expect their calving.

We like to work smarter, not harder!

Heifer Wins 2nd Place In Show!

by TMRHerefords
Back in September a family came looking for a calf to raise as a show heifer. They bought our heifer #310-4 and Colby named her ‘Ruby Lynn’.
In her very first show Ruby Lynn won 4th place. How exciting!
But Colby showed her in a second show recently and this time Ruby Lynn won 2nd place! The judge made positive comments about how competitive her heifer was.
There’s so much work involved for these kids when raising and showing a heifer. We’re so proud of this young lady and her commitment to Ruby Lynn. WTG Colby!

Weaning a Young Heifer

We brought a young heifer up to wean.  She’s so beautiful!  She’s been given both her initial immunization as well as her booster shots too.  Soon she’ll be ready to be listed for sale.