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A Bouncing Baby Boy!

Awwwww… this is a whole lot of cuteness to offset a hot & sticky Monday! This pretty boy was born bright & early this morning, weighing 74 lbs.

Mama’s so proud and so are we! Welcome to the ranch, little one!


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Everyone Loves A Baby!

Yesterday we were nearby as this beautiful boy took his first breath of life. What a beautiful thing! But the poor thing – as is apparently ranching law, it seems calves are always born in the worst weather. I’m sure he (like us) can’t wait to finally see the sunshine!

Welcome to the ranch, handsome.

Shall We Name Him ‘Valentino’?

I’d like to introduce you to our newest member of Taylor-Made Ranch. He’s so handsome and I love the pigment around each eye – something we always try to breed for. Shall we name this beautiful boy, Valentino?

This newborn phase is my favorite. Of course we like to see each of our new calves take their first breath of life. Is there anything more precious? And once he gets cleaned up & has a nice warm meal he lays down to rest. I get a chance to introduce myself.

He knows RancherMan & I will be good stewards and that we’ll do all we can to give him a healthy start.

Welcome to the ranch, big boy!




New Bull Calf #299-5

by TMRHerefords

Born on this frosty November morning, #299 presented us with her newest boy. Born at 85 lbs, his coat is delightfully dark and thankfully for him he’s nice & fuzzy too. That should help keep him warm for the cold days ahead.

Welcome to the ranch, little one!

New Calf Born At TMR!

by TMRHerefords


Dam #334 presented us with a fine, chunky 89-lb bull calf this morning. As always with our calving-ease bull she delivered him just fine all on her own.
He’s nice & dark with pigment around both eyes – two features we always strive for. Gorgeous!
Welcome to the ranch, big boy!
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