Dangerously Hot Weather During A.I.

Ten days ago when we started the heifer protocol for A.I. we were experiencing below-normal temps that were forecast to continue for about 30 days. Well the weathermen were wrong!

Today’s A.I. day and there’s a dangerous heat/humidity combination out there – going up to a feels-like temp of 108 degrees! Knowing a couple of days beforehand what weather we’d be dealing with, we purchased a canopy to cover the A.I. Tech during his hours of work in the chute.

Ranch life, gotta love it!

Dangerously hot weather as Taylor-Made Ranch A.I.s heifers. #TaylorMadeRanch

We’re using Churchill Red Bull for the Hereford sire. He’s got impressive stats – calving ease +7.1, low birthweight -.4

We’re also using a Silvy Angus sire – SA David Harris 138 so a couple of these heifers can calve pure F1 Black Baldy calves. Calving ease +13 and birthweight is -.8

Our A.I. protocol includes a double A.I. session for each heifer 6-8 hours apart. So tonight we’ll bring them through the chute again and increase our odds of a positive pregnancy.

Y’all stay safe out there!


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