Process To Breed Cows Via A.I. Begins

We are beginning the process to get 5 registered Polled Hereford mamas re-bred, and we’re choosing the sires!

All of these girls calved in February and they threw us some mighty fine calves. So we’re putting them back through our 10-day A.I. program to get them bred to some pretty powerful bulls.

We’ve chosen two different Polled Hereford sires for some of these girls – Huth Prospector & Churchill Red. We’ve used both of these bulls in the past with very desirable results.

And we’ve chosen a Silvey black Angus sire and a Jaquay black Angus sire to produce some F1 Black baldie calves too. So exciting!

We’re currently offering weaned, Registered Polled Hereford calves and they’re gorgeous! You can See Them Here.


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