Yearling Bull Headed To New Pastures

I’ve loved bull #310 since the day he was born. When he matured he was used to breed several of our heifers and I was hoping, if he didn’t sell first, to use him in our satellite pastures. I didn’t want a mammoth bull who could step flat-footed over adjoining fences in our absence. His shorter size and calm demeanor would be beneficial, especially in that suituation. Plus, I loved the way he’s built. Square & bulky!

But a very nice couple loved his look too and have tentatively purchased him. He’s off to the vet today for  his Texas State required TRICH tests and a fertility test. After the lab results come back all good, we’ll arrange for his new owners to come pick him up.

But I’m not going to lie – I’ll be sad to see him rolling away in that other trailer!


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