LOOK! A Super-DARK Registered Heifer

We get lots of compliments on the dark red coat many of our Herefords have. We love the darker colors too. But this girl? Now THIS girl is one of the darkest red calves we’ve ever had!

Photo taken 06-27-19

So if you’re looking for a dark-red registered Polled Hereford heifer, don’t let this beautiful girl pass you by! She’s already registered with the American Hereford Association. And her immunizations & boosters have been administered as part of our rigorous herd-health program. She’s as gentle as she can be and ready to become a vital part of your herd.

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We also have other weaned registered Polled Hereford weanlings to offer, both bulls & heifers. And we have heifer yearlings too! We’d love to talk to you about any of them.




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