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All Grown Up!

by TMRHerefords
Awwww… This beautiful girl is all grown up! Today we moved her out of the yearling pen & placed her into the herd with our herd sire. She’s gorgeous and we wanted to retain her to keep her dam’s genetics in our herd. Can’t wait to see her calves!

Heard-Health Checkup

by TMRHerefords
It’s oftentimes difficult to work calves. Especially weaning calves. I mean, they’ve been separated from their dams and suddenly their whole world has changed. They might not trust anything or anyone.
But thankfully our calves know that we are careful caregivers and they do not fear us. We worked them without giving them stress at all, they even exited the chute calmly and at a un-frightened pace. Gotta love it!
This registered polled Hereford heifer and commercial Hereford bull will be available in 3 weeks after they’ve received their boosters. Be watching!
In the meantime, check out our current offerings.

Weaning a Young Heifer

We brought a young heifer up to wean.  She’s so beautiful!  She’s been given both her initial immunization as well as her booster shots too.  Soon she’ll be ready to be listed for sale.


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