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A.I. (artificial insemination) is helpful for smaller ranches that would rather not buy an expensive bull and manage him throughout the year.  By utilizing A.I. a rancher can eliminate the need for an expensive bull being purchased, save wear & tear on fences, save money by not having to feed such a large animal year round and also eliminate a very large sometimes dangerous animal from being on their property.  It's also helpful for medium-sized ranches as it can result in the production of a superior-genetics calf without the high purchase price of a superior-genetics bull.

A.I. is about 65% successful under best conditions and with good body condition on the cow.  (approximately 55% successful for heifers)  There are many factors that can affect the outcome including health & nutrition of the cow, environmental factors and physical impediments such as a fold in the cervix etc.  The 10-day sync program we use helps assure the highest possible chances of success but requires timed handling of the cow 4 times over a 10-day period to administer meds and to perform the actual AI twice.  If you can confine the cow in advance of our arrival it will help keep her calm.  A calm cow in good body condition aids in successful breeding.

23-3 DOB 03-21-11

PROCEDURE:  AI is a procedure whereby the cow is brought into heat in 10 days with a session of various injections.  The first injection is CYSTORELIN which initiates release of endogenous LH hormone to cause ovulation.  At that same time a CIDR will be inserted vaginally which will help to improve the effectiveness of AI reproduction by tightening the estrus synchronization so that cows and heifers come into heat and can be bred within a narrow window.

Exactly 7 days later the CIDR will be removed and an injection of LUYTLYSE will be administered which will return the uterus to breeding condition to help improve pregnancy rates.

Three days later a 2nd injection of CYSTORELIN will be administered to force the release of a mature egg.  That same day A.I. will be performed by inserting a straw of preserved semen (supplied by customer) directly into the cervix of the cow. Again, we recommend double-AI in which a subsequent AI session will take place exactly 6 hours from the first.

STRAWS: We have in our possession Registered Angus straws from Jaquay 101 which we can sell to you for $18 each.  He produces above-average sized calves with potential for rapid growth.  (not a low-birth-weight bull so not recommended for heifers)

11-10 Jaquay 101 Registered Angus Bull #24 #TaylorMadeRanch (640x449)


We also have a very limited supply of Registered Hereford straws (Huth Prospector) we can sell for $28 each.  And of course we can order other breeds for you if needed but be aware that most of them have a minimum purchase requirement and the shipping costs for the straws is exorbitant at approx $75.  If you wish for us to purchase your straws for you, payment must be made in advance.

TMR Pride -  #TaylorMade Ranch - Wolfe City Texas

This quote will be based on your location having a pen to confine the animal and a squeeze chute or other restrictive-movement area to safely perform AI.  The expenses to AI are as follows: (NOTE: these prices DO NOT include semen as prices vary greatly depending on breed and genetics)


5 cc Lutylyse @ $7/dose
2 cc Cystorelin (2 doses/cow) @ $7/dose
1 CIDR implant (to control estrus) $15/CIDR
(We'll provide the other supplies such as sleeve, needles, syringes, etc.)


Handling fee - $10 per cow each time meds are administered (twice)
AI fee - $20 each for single A.I. (**twice for double AI - optional)
~TOTAL $40 CHUTE FEES PER COW  for single A.I. (**$60 for double A.I.)


Trip Charge will be charged per trip at a rate of $2.50 per mile distance from our ranch to your location. (Three times for single AI & four times for double AI) NOTEMinimum trip charge is $10 per trip.

This procedure roughly comes out to $36 for meds & $40 chute handling fees ($60 for double AI) plus trip charges & the cost of straws per cow.  A handy worksheet is located below to aid you in determining the total cost to A.I. your cattle.

A lab-test for pregnancy determination can be done @ 28 days post-breeding.  Let us know if you're interested in this service & we can come to your location, draw the blood from the cow and send the sample to the lab.  We'll then forward the lab test results to you when they're completed.  The cost for this is $2.50 / mile trip charge to your location plus $12 per cow which includes all test materials.  Your test results will be sent to you via email - test results are typically received in about a week or so. 


$ _________ Meds @ $36 per cow x ____cows

$ _________Chute Fee @ $40 (or $60 for double AI) per cow x ____ cows

$ _________*Trip Charge @ $2.50/mile x _____ miles X 3 trips (4 for double AI) *$10 minimum each trip

$ _________ Straws @ $______  per straw x ______ cows @ ( 1 / 2 ) straws per cow   ____________

$ _35.00__ Nitrogen charge & pick-up fee for sire straws

$ _________ - Total Amount

* 60-mile maximum one way

The prices are cash only and subject to change without notice. 

If you are interested in our AI services please email us via the 'contact us' link in the ABOUT US page with the following information:

  • What kind of facilities you have
  • How many cows you want us to AI (any heifers?)
  • Straw information
  • Single or double AI?
  • Your location