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Taylor-Made Ranch was established in 2000 in a small rural town in northeast Texas.  We love what we do for a living!  Raising these animals is a labor of love and there's no greater sight than a new calf bouncing and playing in the pasture.  Of course living in such a beautiful place there's so much more to daily life than tending to the cows.  On our blog I hope to share a wide range of posts. There is of course the joy of a new calf and the worry of droughts and floods, but I'll also share a glimpse into daily life on the ranch.  I'm amazed at the color of the wildflowers that carpet the pastures in the spring, or the nest of barn swallows as the fuzzy newly-hatched babies emerge.  I'm thrilled at the beauty of dark clouds advancing a thunderstorm and frustrated as we clean up the damage left behind.  So sit back & enjoy the ride - we love it and so will you!

Butterfly on Ironweed plant

We think our registered Herefords are some of the best around.  We continue to improve our genetics utilizing strong qualities in our herd and choosing solid EPD's through A.I.

TMR Pride -  #TaylorMade Ranch - Wolfe City Texas

We also raise pure F1 black baldies for commercial breeders who desire the strong mothering instinct of the Hereford/Angus cross.

23-3 DOB 03-21-11