We are offering for sale several calves that have been weaned and have already made the trip to the vet for their vet-administered BANGS vaccinations (for the heifers) and TAHC-required ID clip (for the bulls).  They were all vaccinated with both Ultrabac 7/Somubac as well as ViraShield 6 + VL5 and have been poured as part of our rigorous herd-health program.

These calves are all registered with the American Hereford Association and the bulls have already been DNA tested to rule out any Hereford-related genetic defects per AHA regulations.  Please understand these animals are offered only on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will be adding other registered Herefords soon – be sure to check back often!


 * * * * * * * * * *


Heifer #168-4 – TMR Garrett’s Eclipse 1684 DOB 08-21-17
AHA Registration # 43846626

Heifer Yearling #168-4 – Don’t miss this one – she’s a TMR FAVORITE!  This heifer was born at 68-lbs right here on our ranch on 08-21-17 and is registered with the American Hereford Association. Her dam is one of the most productive cows in our herd & her sire is our very own calving-ease herd bull TMR Pride Z203 (A.I. son of Huth Prospector)  She’s weaned, calm & current on all annual vaccinations, being immunized on 05-01-18  with both Bar-Vac 7/Somnus as well as Virashield 6 + VL5 & a booster administered 05-31-18.  She has had her vet-administered calfhood vaccination (BANGS).  She’s also been wormed as part of our rigorous herd-health program.

$1850 or $1800 w/o registration papers

 * * * * * * * * * *



Bull#310-3 – TMR Vintage Pride  B 3103 DOB 01-24-17
AHA Registration # 43782958

Virgin Bull #310-3 – This boy was born right here on our ranch on 01-24-17.  He was sired by our own herd sire TMR Pride Z203 (sire’s photo at the bottom of the page).  He is registered with the American Hereford Association & has already been DNA tested.  Soon he will receive his TABC-required ear tag & tattoo.  This big boy is calm & current on all annual immunizations, being immunized on 03-13-18 with both Ultrabac 7 Somubac as well as Virashield 6 + VL5 and also poured with Cydectin as part of our rigorous herd-health program.

He’s been separated from the herd since weaning, so this virgin bull is ready to go to work in your herd NOW!

$2500 or $2450 w/o registration papers


 * * * * * * * * * *

All sales are cash only. Local cattle delivery is available for $2.50 per loaded mile within a maximum 75-mile radius ($25 minimum). We’re located in Wolfe City, northeast of Dallas and just 15 miles north of Greenville TX, 10 miles west of Commerce TX, or 45 miles east of McKinney TX. Also close to Honey Grove, Ladonia and Bonham.

If you’re interested in any of these animals please contact us via email or by calling Stacy’s cell at (903) 453-1875.  (Ranch visits are by appointment only)


Herd Sire Info:  TMR Pride

Bull # 43326719 – TMR Pride Z203 – DOB 03-29-12
LINEAGE – Dam: # 42449193 -Victoria G317 ~ A.I. Sire: # 42122873 – Huth Prospector K085

This registered polled hereford bull is named TMR Pride for a reason! He was born right here on our ranch on 03-29-12.

He’s the A.I. product of one of our most productive cows in the herd and A.I. Sire Huth Prospector – who ranks high on 6 major traits and is a trait leader for ww, yw, is also strong maternal sire setting high standards for milk m&g.  Huth Prospector is the trait leader for marbling & the CHB$ index.

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